Focused on Clean Energy

CA and Baden-Württemberg, Germany were the first two signatories on the ground breaking Under 2 MOU. What's the Under 2 MOU?

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Educational Exchanges

The president of our organization teaches German at American River Community College, in Sacramento, CA.  For over a decade she has been leading groups of students on an overseas trip through Germany where they are focused on connecting Germany to CA.

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Historical Connections

Longtime Kandern, Germany resident Peter Völker is on a mission to make Sacramento a sister-city to John Sutter’s hometown.  He urged members there to commit their support to establish a sister-city relationship. Not a person there opposed. They all loved to hear the adventure that brought Völker to Sacramento and his passion to further memorialize Sutter. Peter lives on the same street in Kandern where John Sutter was born.

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Next Steps...

Please help us further the connections between California and Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

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