Our Vision

Since we began our quest two years ago, we have been very active creating regional ties in Baden-Württemberg where there is strong citizen and government support of our union.  We are already established as a non-profit, have a bank account, and have bi-monthly board meetings as well as regular communication with those in Kandern and  Baden-Württemberg.  We have installed a Membership Committee Chair and she is busy signing up members.  We had a delegation come over from Kandern in November, and they participated in a yearly concert hosted by the Sacramento Turn Verein's Harmonie. During their trip here, the delegation and most of our board met with Governor Brown who is very proud of his German heritage and expressed support of our cause.  Additionally, we on the board met with Mayor Steinberg in January and have met with City Council Member Steve Hansen. We have support from a number of strong community members including Fred Teichert. Our group is strong and our efforts increasing.  

We feel that our lovely state of  California and the state of Baden-Württemberg, together can work to strengthen economic, educational, cultural, and business ties particularly in the fields of green technology.  Governor Brown has already signed a Climate Change Memorandum of Understanding (an agreement between the two states to keep the level of emission reduction believed necessary to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius by the end of this century) which has Baden-Württemberg as its initial of 167 additional signatories at a national or subnational level, and a number of German businesses headquartered in this state have branches here, for example SAP.   Additionally, the CSU system has an established study abroad program in Heidelberg and Tübingen, both of which are in Baden-Württemberg.

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Meet the Team

One man's passion and dream has brought us all together to see this vision through!
We are so lucky to get to work together to make this a reality.

Peter Völker

Visionary / Vice President

Mark Lamb


Susannah Martin


Steve Beck


Dennis Schuetzle


Mackenzie Wieser