After a chance meeting at a restaurant bar, Peter Volker and I became quick friends.  Hearing about his passion for his small town and his knowledge of all the history that connects Sacramento and Baden-Württemberg, I knew I had to become part of the team to help a man accomplish a dream.  I have been responsible for the communications, website, and social media for the Strategic Growth Council. I currently work on conservation programs with the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research. Prior to my appointment with OPR/SCG, I worked in the Director’s Office at the California Department of Motor Vehicles, focused on Enterprise Planning. Responsible for facilitating annual strategic meetings for DMV’s 10 divisions, then writing divisional strategic plans that linked to the overall department’s strategic plan. Throughout my career in the private sector, I gained extensive experience in client services, organizational management and strategic planning. I am committed to encouraging California state agencies to collaborate in order to achieve the goals of creating a sustainable and healthy state for all. There is no better time than now for Baden-Württemberg, Germany and California to team up to achieve the climate goals we have as a world, and I’m happy to play even a small part in it.