In 2001 after retirement as a managing partner of a shipping and logistic company I moved from Hamburg to Kandern, the birthplace of General Sutter. I was 50 years old when I retired and I knew that I have to do something good for the community which I owe partly my economic success. Soon after getting settled in Kandern, I started building “bridges across the Rhine-River” to unite over 12 Lions-Clubs in the 3 Nations: France, Switzerland and Germany. It was fate or destiny that our new home is located on Johann August Sutter Street. This gave me the incentive to investigate Sutters life story. So it was inevitable to discover that Sutter and his son August founded the city of Sacramento. I decided to find citizens in both cities to build a bridge between both cities. Together with 12 citizens incl. the Mayor of Kandern a Foerderverein was founded. My main focus now is the support of mutual economical, cultural and social programs. I am absolutely convinced that climate change, security, migration, protection of the enviroment can only be managed if we act jointly and in good faith!

Therefore I ask the  citizens of Kandern and Sacramento, Baden-Wuerttemberg and California, Europe
and America please stand together to make our world safer and a really better place!
That at least is my hope and vision!