I have been a historian at Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park for over 20 years. During that time, I have spoken to visitors from all over the World about John Sutter, his Fort, and the role they each played in not just California History or history of the American West, but the effect Sutter’s settlement had on World History. Well, a few years ago, I met Peter Voelker, a man from Sutter’s hometown of Kandern, Baden-Württemberg and after a spirited conversation; I realized that Peter was as engrossed with John Sutter and his role in history – as much as I am. It was Peter’s energy, ambition, and desire to create a better union between Sutter’s birthplace and his adopted home that led me to join the California – Baden/Württemberg Sister State program. Like I, Peter feels that the role of Sutter and his settlement in history has been overlooked, misrepresented, understated, or even unknown by many people in both Europe and in the United States. I want to join Peter and others in the organization, in bringing more understanding of the cultural movement that John Sutter initiated. Today, the common understanding that Sutter began may be enhanced through cultural exchanges, educational programs and ideas between two regions on opposite sides of the Atlantic that are linked by Sutter’s vision, his settlement, and much more. Sutter and his establishment of New Helvetia were the first stone thrown, that created a ripple effect, which led to the gold discovery and the largest unforced migration of people in the history of humanity. William Tecumseh Sherman, the famous American Military man and 1848 visitor to California said, “John Sutter was the man most responsible for making California a part of the United States.” Peter has many of the same dreams and visions of uniting Baden-Württemberg and California as John Sutter did when he used his Germanic cultural background to build a permanent settlement in the wilderness. I am proud to be associated with the group that will see Sutter’s, and Peter Voelker’s, dreams come to fruition.